Toddlers love doing everything themselves and take pride in this fact. Toddlers do not like to ask for help but they love to offer it! You can foster your toddler’s independence which will lead to fewer power struggles later on. Here are some ways that you can encourage independence in the household, boost your toddler’s confidence and increase their sense of self.


Try letting your toddler throw trash away. If they drop food on the floor or maybe paper they were drawing with, let them throw it away. You can even let them throw away their diapers too!

They can help you do the laundry! Let them help pour the soap into the washing machine or put their clothes away in the drawer. And guess who loves clothespins? Toddlers! Let them hold the clothespins while you put the clothes on the line. They can even take the clothespins off when the clothes are dry!

Let them choose what they want to wear. Cool outfit alert! Toddlers love to choose their own clothes, much to our dismay. This is good for them as they will feel a sense of pride in choosing what they wear.

Let them water plants outside. This also teaches responsibility. It will also become routine for them if it is something done daily. They can’t wait to get outside and watch their garden grow!

Your toddler can help you cook. I know you must have raised an eyebrow! They can though. They can get you the items you need, perhaps stir the ingredients with your guidance and so much more. Can we say, budding chef?

Have a pet? Perhaps they can help you with feeding it.

Went grocery shopping? Let your toddler help you put them away! They love stacking and opening cupboards. Turn this into something that helps you out!

Let them open doors for you too! Watch their face light up as they realize they helped you get where you wanted to go.

What other ways do you try to foster independence in your toddler? Let us know in the comments below!


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