The Dad Bag!

A Baby Bag with Swag...for Dad's of course!


When it comes to choosing a baby bag, do we really consider the Dads-to-be? Women tend to choose a diaper bag that is similar to a handbag or tote…but let’s be honest, which Dad wants to have that on their shoulder?

This review is on the Life Color Diaper Bag!

When we asked one Dad what he was looking for in a diaper bag, he stated “a backpack”.

This multi-functional bag is being used a lot more than traditional styles of bags, especially given the amount of essentials baby needs. With a backpack, the weight can be evenly distributed whereas, with a handbag or tote, we tend to feel the strain on our shoulders eventually.

Closer view of The Life Color Diaper Bag

The Life Color Diaper Bag is large enough for milk bottles, water bottles, baby clothes, baby diapers, towels and so much more in different separate pockets. Size(L x H x W): 17.7″*13.8″*9.4″(about 45*35*24 cm).Weight is about 0.55KG. The baby bag is made of durable material that is water-resistant. This is a plus! The material is also easy to wipe clean. The functionality of the bag must also be mentioned. Moms can also use it! It can function as a handbag which makes it suitable to take to a host of outings.

Let’s look closer!

Does this diaper bag meet all of our demands as it claims?

Here are six reasons why it does.

  1. It doesn’t look like a typical diaper bag, which most dads want.
  2. It’s fashionable and the fish-mouth design allows you to see everything that’s inside. No searching necessary.
  3. It can hold 3 bottles to the front of the bag, which is also insulated. Most diaper bags hold less.
  4. The insulation layer of tin foil can keep bottles warm for about 2-4 hours.
  5. There’s a space for wet diapers in the waterproof diaper inner bag inside. 
  6. The two side pockets have different designs: one has side opening may be used for wipes, while the other one has no side opening and may be used for an umbrella or water bottle.

Take a closer look at how we rated this bag, with help from one dad, below!

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Easy to Clean
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Overall, the style of the bag is well suited for dads-to-be. It tends to have more storage than other diaper bags and is roomy to hold a lot of essentials. The product being reviewed was purchased independently. All views are based on the owner's use of the bag.the-dad-bag


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