Your baby is here! For most, the time the baby is placed in your arms is the time you get to call him or her by the name you chose. It is an amazing feeling. But…where do you begin? How do you decide on a name? It is no easy task, that’s for sure.

Before your baby is born…actually, before you even think of having a baby, you think of a name. Some of us have known our children’s names before they came into the world. According to Shakespeare, “What’s in a name?”



The name we choose ultimately determines a child’s identity. Do you agree? Depending on the type of name you choose, chances are, it has a meaning. I remember as a child I was given a bookmark on graduation day from a teacher with the meaning of my name. It said “motherly”. This immediately resonated with me. My persona matched the description perfectly. Maybe it explains my love for children and the career path I chose.

When choosing a name, regardless of how creative, awesome or unique it is, remember, your child’s name is the first impression. Before anyone meets them, the name you choose determines how they will be treated in the long run. This is a fact. Being in the education system, I’m aware that a name precedes personality, daily.

“Words have meaning and names have power.”


Where do we find a name? This may seem like an easy question, but it can be difficult to know where to search. Sometimes, the name is right in front of you! Here are some ideas for choosing a name:

  1. Names may be used to honour your parents or other family members you love.
  2. You may choose a name that was given to a celebrity, maybe a basketball player or other sports star.
  3. You may choose a name that was given to a religious person.
  4. You may choose a name that was given to a political person or activist.
  5. Blending mom’s name and dad’s name. They’re quite a few blended names that you do not even notice!
  6. You may choose a name with a meaningful definition.

The options to choose a name can be extensive! So…let’s help our Mama’s out a bit. What are some names you loved but didn’t use? Tell us in the comments below!


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