Do you mean apart from the whole house?! Let’s face it, we try to pack everything in there. Don’t worry, as the baby gets older, the number of things you have in the baby bag becomes less and less until you finally reclaim your own bag. It’s coming Mamas!

But, if you’re still toting around a baby bag, here’s what may possibly be in it, especially if you’re a new Mama:

  1. Wipes – let’s face it, accidents happen and if we forget these at home, it’s all over!
  2. Vaseline, Desitin or another cream – needed to keep that cute tush nice and fresh!
  3. Diapers – Imagine if we forgot these at home. What a disaster!
  4. Change of clothes/socks – It’s always good to have extra onesies or an outfit. You never know where you may end up.
  5. Changing Mat – Even if there’s a changing station, you should always have something of your own to spread over it.
  6. Safety Kit – It’s always good to have! There are a lot of useful tools in there.
  7. Blanket – Yes it’s hot here but nights can be a bit chilly.
  8. Washcloths/Bibs – Spit-up is not an accessory.
  9. Disposable Bags for Dirty Diapers – These are a lifesaver when you are not in a familiar place.
  10. Hand Sanitizer – Especially now!
  11. Umbrella – Let’s face it; the weather is unpredictable.
  12. Bottle Wipes – Depending on where you are, a sink may not be accessible.
  13. Breast Pads – For the breastfeeding Mamas, this is a must!
  14. Bottles, Milk, Travel Warmer – No hungry babies on those outings!
  15. Pacifier – Unfamiliar situation = fussy baby. Keep that in mind.
  16. Toy – A comfort object is always a good idea!

Always have a bag pre-packed so you can pick up and go! Did we miss anything? Comment below! You never know if you need to add one more item. 


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